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Launch your idea into reality in 10 weeks.

Start making your dreams a reality by taking action on the things you truly want and think about. If you’ve had thoughts to start a business or career from an idea, your unique skills or passions, then this is your sign to get started NOW. The only thing you have to lose is your regret of never getting started at all.

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Do you have a great idea for a business? Do you want to start that website, blog or YouTube channel? Want to quit your job and follow your passions?

Why haven’t you done it yet? Is it because…

You’re afraid it’s going to fail? Don’t think you can do it? Feel like you never have any time? Unsure if it’s a good idea? Have negative or unsupportive influences? Unclear on where to start and what to do? Limited on money to get started? Don’t feel like you’re ready yet?

Then, this program is for you!

I’ll support you in overcoming your barriers so you can finally get that idea off the ground. Don’t let this opportunity slip through and regret never starting or trying that idea.

My job will be to support you in getting started with a real product, service, solution, website, or starting point, where you can start making money with your idea.

After developing, managing, and/or launching…

7 apps, 50+ websites, 10 businesses and 20+ social media account, I found a lean and quick formula to getting your idea from a thought in your mind to a REAL solution in the world. Where people will PAY YOU and you can make a real business from it.

The process can be super confusing and overwhelming if you’re first getting started and have no experience. You’ll end up WASTING a lot of TIME, MONEY and ENERGY that you won’t get back!

I will support you in avoiding those pitfalls and unnecessary steps in the process, so you can get started quickly and effectively. 

You’ll get the shortcuts, systems and processes I use in my businesses so you can leverage your time and make the most of what you have.

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About The Program

Stage 1: Find Your Rock-Solid Path


Have you ever doubted your idea and if it’s going to work? Have you ever doubted yourself if you’re the right person to do it? Have you felt stuck because you’re unclear and afraid it will fail?

In this stage we help develop clarity for you. Whether the idea is the right fit for you and how to most effectively tackle starting.

In this stage we will:

  • Get you clear on your idea and if it’s the best fit for you
  • Develop a powerful vision and purpose around the idea
  • Overcome any mindset and real life roadblocks
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Stage 2: Build Confidence To Get Started


The objective of this stage is to build up your confidence to get started. We’ll start by covering how to do effective research and identifying your unique selling proposition. Then, we’ll use that knowledge to create clarity around your idea and how to make it a reality. During the process I’ll support you in overcoming your limiting beliefs and roadblocks so you can continue and shift into an empowered state. Giving you tools and mindsets that will serve you for a lifetime and will continue to push you to move forward effectively.

In this stage we will:

  • Overcome the doubts and they will transform into motivation
  • Create certainty and clarity that you can do it
  • Leverage your strengths to identify your unique selling proposition
  • Find gaps and your edge in the marketplace so you can stand out
  • Create immense focus in a world of noise

Stage 3: Monetize Your Idea Effectively


The biggest aspect of making your idea a reality is monetizing it so you can continue to fund it and grow your business. Most people wait too long to monetize or don’t know how to do it effectively, which causes them to fail or not feel like the idea is worth continuing to put energy into. I’ll show you how you can monetize your idea in an abundance of ways! You’ll be able to have more opportunities to make money with your idea and with effective execution, you’ll be able to quit your job and not have to do anything you don’t want to.

In this stage we will:

  • Choose the right product, service, and solution for your business
  • Overcome being a perfectionist so you can take massive and quick action
  • Find an irresistible offer for your target market which excites them to invest in you
  • Learn to monetize your idea in an abundance of ways
  • See the abundance of opportunities opening up from your idea

Stage 4: Develop Your MVP Quickly


The biggest problem most people have is they take too long to start! I will support you in getting started FASTER by giving you the tools and shortcuts to making your idea public. It will be in a way where you can start pitching your solution and products to people effective and even pre-selling. No more waiting years on end, it’s time to TAKE ACTION and to make your idea real in the world, where others can see and start to get interested in it.

In this stage we will:

  • Set up the social media pages that matter most for you
  • Learn about how to brand yourself and your solutions
  • Creating your first website or landing page in an affordable and quick way
  • Start to pre-sell or build up excitement around your product or service 
  • Developing a specific pitch that you can use anywhere to enroll people into your vision
  • Overcoming any roadblocks that come up in the process

Stage 5: Launch Your Idea


During this stage we will work on officially launching your idea into reality. You’ll be able to start making money for your solution. We will work on a game-plan for you before you launch so that once you’re off on your own, you’ll have specific and measurable actions you can take. After some mindset prep and overcoming any fear or limiting beliefs coming up, you’ll be ready to go out and continue to pursue your amazing vision in the world. You will start to create an impact in the people you serve and the world!

In this stage we will:

  • Get your mindset prepped for the launch
  • Start to develop your massive action plan
  • Learn to protect your vision and long term plan
  • Set your expectations and commitment
  • Learn to overcome fear and anxiety that comes up and still take action
  • Create excitement and motivation towards your vision and goals

The Structure

You will receive:

  • A 20-minute launch call so I can tailor the program to you

  • One 60-minute coaching call every week for 10 weeks

  • Tailored, proven and systematic actions every week

  • Access to my favorite tools and resources for getting started

  • Shortcuts and money-saving tips in the process

  • Tech-related suggestions and guidance for beginners

  • Access to 1 hour of text message support throughout the week

Are you ready to get your idea started?

There will never be a perfect moment, the only time you have is now. Your future self will thank you for getting started now!

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