Trello is a great app/website for being able to organize your projects and to-do lists in a digital way. Allowing you to be able to share it with your team, and track your progress over time. It’s a free to use too and has a lot of great features for solo-preneurs or small teams. They have more advanced paid features for additional needs. Get Trello


Asana is a great project and team management tool as well, it’s goals are similar to Trello, but has a different layout and overall a different feel when organizing the projects. It’s also a free tool, and is very helpful if you prefer digital planning, instead of a physical planner or journal. Get Asana

Google Drive

If you’re looking for a really efficient and useful cloud storage platform, google is one of the best. It’s ability to be used on all devices makes it easy to access what you need from anywhere, saves you a lot of time. There are upsides and downsides, but give it a try and see how it impacts your own productivity. It’s great to organize your folders similarly to how you do it on your computer so you can quickly find the files you need. Get Google Drive

 Google Calendar

This is a widely used tool for organizing your events, appointments and anything else that is important for your day. The challenge with physical planners is once you’ve written something down, you can’t change it. While with a digital calendar platform, you’ll be able to organize everything you want, add daily events, and get reminders for each thing on your calendar. This makes being on time and aware of your day easier. Get Google Calendar


A journal is a powerful tool for starting and ending your day because it keeps you present and aware of your entire day. Allowing you quiet time to reflect and learn from your day, so you can improve daily. It’s also great to have a journal and planner in the same book. This makes it easy to go to and also carry around. I highly recommend the high performance planner, it’s designed for journaling, planning and reflecting daily, weekly and monthly. Get the High Performance Planner

 Google Voice

We highly recommend getting google voice for starting entrepreneurs instead of using your personal phone number. It’s a free alternative phone number you can use to separate business from personal calls and texts. It’s free to use (with limits), but a quick and resourceful way to get another phone number without paying a monthly bill. Some businesses and entrepreneurs this won’t fit for, but it’s worth a try to see if it would work for you. Get Google Voice